Hip Pain and Osteoarthitis

A large percentage of the American population, nearly seventy six million Americans, are believed to suffer from some sort of pain on a regular basis. The top four types of pain that people report having are lower back pain, neck pain, headache or migraine pain, and face pain. Hip pain is most likely to appear in patients who are age sixty five and older, though the fifteen percent of seniors who report this pain are still only half as many as those who suffer from knee pain.

It’s not uncommon for someone who has a hip injury or abnormality to have pain not just in the hip joint, but along the length of the thigh and in the groin area as well. An injury to the hip may be the primary source hip pain of hip pain, though it may also be caused by an injury to other parts of the body.

Though most people who report hip pain are older, it can appear at any age, and even children have been known to suffer from this problem. Among the most common reasons for hip pain are:

* Fracture of the hip

* Various forms of arthritis, including rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and psoriatic arthritis.

* Bursitis, which is caused by an inflammation in the tiny sacs of fluid that keep the joints moving smoothly (the bursae)

* Aseptic necrosis or lack of blood flow to the hip

* Hip joint muscles that have been strained or sprained.

* Bacterial or viral infections

* Injury or pain to the lower back area

* Hip injuries caused by a fall or other similar situations

* Osteoarthritis

What You Need to Know About Hip Pain:

Osteoarthritis, which is usually found in the hips and knees, will strike nearly ten million people this year. The most likely people to suffer from osteoarthritis are those who are overweight or obese – approximately 66 percent of those diagnosed with arthritis fit into this category, far more than you see for those with a normal weight.

Hip fractures are commonly caused by osteoarthritis – in fact, 97 percent of hip replacements performed in this country are for hip fractures that are the result of osteoarthritis. And 70 percent of those hip replacements that are required for reasons other than hip fractures can be attributed to osteoarthritis.

Hip Fractures and Hip Pain – Recognizing the Cause

If you fracture your hip, you’ll likely suffer from pain along the thigh and groin as well as suffering a restriction of hip movement; this is an injury that will require immediate medical attention. As you age, the chance that you’ll suffer from a hip fracture increases as well. There are other groups who are at high risk of hip fractures and hip pain as well, including:

* Those who have cancer

* People who have rheumatoid or osteoarthritis

* Those with a family history of osteoarthritis

* Anyone who is overweight or obese

* People who have a long history of taking steroids

* Anyone with sickle cell anemia

* Those who have suffered an injury to the hip or lower back area

* People who consume large amounts of alcohol


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