Transform The Bare Walls With Wall Coating For Concrete Walls

If you have cement or concrete walls, leaving them bare can be the worst thing you can do. Transform the look from bare to fab with the wall coating that will not only help protect the walls from the elements, but keep the health of the family healthy.

Concrete walls are made from cement and even if they are already dry, they can still release cement dust into the air. This can be very hazardous to health. The fine cement dust that is released from the cement walls are very fine and more than expected. These are not POR34 even dust mites, these are chemical dust that can lodge in the alveoli of the lungs and cause respiratory problems. Even if the concrete walls are found outside of the home, it can still cause the problems. If the concrete walls are in an enclosed area, it can be very hazardous health-wise.

One way to control the dust is by applying wall coating. There are paint available that are specifically designed for concrete walls and these are generally water based. The paint can be diluted with water and easily applied after the wall had been thoroughly cleaned, or it can be applied directly if there is an old coating over it. It may not even mean a lot of coats either, it may only take one or two layers. That is all that it takes to transform a dull, grey and very boring wall into to healthy looking and attractive wall that will do wonders for the aesthetics of any home, be they external or internal walls. Also, the paint will make sure that the concrete dust no longer poses problems for anyone.

Painting the wall with water based wall coating is fairly easy but if not in the mood to do it on your own, there are contractors who will do a splendid job. In fact, these contractors can do the job fast and efficiently without causing any paint damage on surfaces that do not need paint. In fact, they can probably finish a wall within a day, something that you may not be able to achieve if you are a busy person. The contractors will also make sure that any cracks on the concrete walls will be fixed and filled up before the wall coating is applied, leaving the surface smooth and beautiful. For those who want a little texture on their walls, they can also opt for the textured concrete paint, water based as well

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